Fun Stuff

Some fun stuff not necessarily related to my work has been gathered within this page. You are welcome to view it and to send any comments to me:
ackerpdfackerpdf ] detailed proof of the fact that the Ackermann function is not primitive recursive (in Polish)
jscriptjscript ] interactive introduction to object-oriented programming in JavaScript: check the source code, it is entirely programmed in JavaScript (and HTML, of course) and contains some cool tricks, too (in Polish)
PhotographsPhotographs ] a small selection of my old photographs, mainly from the mountains
Alex the ManifoldAlex the Manifold ] a strange story which I wrote as a homework for an English lesson
A Funny RestaurantA Funny Restaurant ] a restaurant with a funny name (you must speak Polish to understand this)
A Tree with a LoopA Tree with a Loop ] a tree with a loop with a mathematical comment
trianglestriangles ] a myth-like story on triangles and the Pythagorean theorem written as an essay in a literature class at school (in Polish)