The Uniform Expansion Software


This website contains the documentation of software designed and programmed by Pawel Pilarczyk which accompanies the paper Quantitative hyperbolicity estimates in one-dimensional dynamics by S. Day, H. Kokubu, S. Luzzatto, K. Mischaikow, H. Oka, and P. Pilarczyk.


In order to make this software freely available for wide audience, it is provided here under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or any later version. Please, see the GNU website for details.


The documentation covers two major modules. The first one, called unifexp, contains the part of software written specifically for the Uniform Expansion project. This classes and functions in this module are all gathered in the unifexp namespace.

The second module, called struct, contains an extract from the Computational Homology Project software, or CHomP for short, which was used in this project. The data structures defined in that portion of the code are gathered in the CHomP namespace called chomp::homology.

Note that the development of some portions of the CHomP software, in particular the graph algorithms included in the header file digraph.h, was motivated by the Uniform Expansion project. Moreover, it is necessary to know their features in order to be able to understand the Uniform Expansion software. Therefore, it is fully justified to include them in this documentation.


Although a lot of effort was put into making this software as transparent and clear as possible, and this documentation complete, I am sure that there is a lot of important information that might have been included here but was not. Therefore, this documentation was generated in such a way that it contains the source code which can be browsed and checked in case of any doubt.

So, what are you waiting for? I wish you a happy browsing!

Pawel Pilarczyk