Materials for Students

(in Polish)

Web pages for the courses which I teach or taught at the Jagiellonian University can be browsed below. Note, however, that these materials are password-protected and you must have a computer account at our Un*x server elf in order to access them.

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While attending the classes on Theory of Programming as a student, I did an extra homework and I composed a detailed proof of the fact that the Ackermann function is not primitive recursive. Since it cost me a lot of work and this is my own proof, I publish it below in the hope that maybe some students will find it useful:

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As part of materials which I prepare for my classes, I programmed a neat interactive introduction to object-oriented programming in JavaScript. It is contained in a single web page and it is entirely programmed in JavaScript (and HTML, of course). You are welcome to investigate the source code of this page (I used a few tricks there), in addition to just reading it and practicing with the interactive examples. Hope you will enjoy this page!

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