Employment Opportunity for a Mathematician from Ukraine

A job for up to 1 year at Gdańsk University of Technology

Project: Topological and Numerical Methods in Dynamical Systems

Good news: As stated in the official letter from NCN dated 2022-03-18 (a copy available here, see also NCN announcement), it is now possible to employ a scientist from Ukraine for up to one year with up to 100.000 PLN total gross salary (which should make around 5.000 PLN/month net) from an NCN grant. The employment must begin no later than on June 30, 2022.

Project description is available at this address: https://projekty.ncn.gov.pl/en/index.php?projekt_id=521876.

Requirements for this particular offer:

  • strong interest in conducting research in computational mathematics involving mathematical analysis and dynamical systems
  • some experience with computational algebraic topology is also welcome, but not crucial
  • some programming skills will be very helpful
  • doctorate degree or its equivalent (e.g. Candidate of Sciences – Кандидат наук)
  • record of activities and scientific interests compatible with the grant theme (confirmed in CV)
  • the person was employed in an academic institution in Ukraine directly before the war, and arrived in Poland on February 24, 2022, or later
  • the person is expected to actually live in Gdańsk and conduct research at Gdańsk Tech during the employment period

An interested mathematician is invited to contact Paweł Pilarczyk at the institutional e-mail address, as can be determined here:

Other NCN Programs to Support Ukrainian Scientists

A list of NCN's initiatives (in Polish): https://www.ncn.gov.pl/dla-ukrainy

Doctoral School at Gdańsk University of Technology, May 2022

An opportunity for a mathematician holding a Master degree or equivalent interested in staying in Poland for a longer time is to join the doctoral school at Gdańsk Tech. The admission process begins in May 2022, and the doctoral school starts in October 2022. There is a scholarship a little over 2.000 PLN/month offered by Gdańsk Tech, but for exceptional candidates additional schoarship of some 5.000 PLN/month can also be arranged. Here is the information from previous year:
The current year's information is under construction but some important information is already there: