Links and References

Various links to several network places, as well as some references to printed materials are gathered within this page.


CAPD - Computer Assisted Proofs in Dynamics

CHomP - Computational Homology Project

DyToComp 2009 - Dynamics, Topology and Computations, an international conference to be held in Będlewo on May 31 – June 6, 2009

Thomson ISI - Journal Lists a.k.a. "Lista Filadelfijska"

Open source software

Scilab - a platform for numerical computations

Blender - a 3D content creation suite

QVox - a volumetric data visualizer and editor

Geomview - an interactive 3D viewing program for Unix platforms (including GNU/Linux)

Subversion - a version control system, successor of CVS


GMP - GNU arithmetic without limitations

wxWidgets - a cross-platform GUI library for Unix/Linux with GTK2, MS-Windows and Mac OS

Richard S. Wright jr, Michael Sweet, OpenGL; Polish translation: OpenGL. Księga eksperta, Wydawnictwo Helion 1999, ISBN 83-7197-093-5 (also contains some information on how to write a program that uses Windows API and how to read/save BMP files)


Video LAN - a cross-platform multimedia player; in particular, it plays DVDs from any region on Windows, Linux and some other systems


Justyna Kopecka-Pilarczyk - my wife