File: t2133.log

./runhenon -p 2133 --log t2133.log --quiet

Start time: Mon Apr 12 23:24:10 2010

Finite Resolution Dynamics - computations for the Henon attractor.
Ver. 0.01, April 12, 2010. Copyright (C) 1997-2010 by Pawel Pilarczyk.
This is free software. No warranty. Consult 'license.txt' for details.
--- Running computations for the Henon map. ---
Parameters of the Henon map: a = 1.4, b = 0.3.
Phase space box: (-1.4,1.4) x (-0.5,0.5).
Number of cover elements: 2133 x 762 = 1625346.
Size of each box: 0.00131270511017 x 0.00131233595801.
Area of each box: 1.72271011834e-06.
Computing a cover of the attractor...
A cover consisting of 25702 elements (1.58132483791%) constructed.
Computed in 0.50 sec (0.008 min).
Approximate area of the cover: 0.0442770954615.
Max square of the diameter of map images: 9.99365716076e-05.
Approx. max diameter of map images: 0.00999682807732.
The map graph has 124713 edges.
Releasing the cover from the memory...
Memory released in 0.00 sec (0.000 min).
Checking if the graph is strongly connected...
Yes! The graph is strongly connected.
Verified in 0.02 sec (0.000 min).
Checking if the graph is aperiodic...
Good! The graph is aperiodic.
Verified in 0.00 sec (0.000 min).
--- The computations completed successfully. ---
Total time used: 0.53 sec (0.009 min).